What is meditation and how does it work? 100% working 2023

What is meditation? How does meditation work, what are the benefits of meditation, why should we do meditation? Today I am going to tell you all these things in this post. Then read this post completely. You will get to know a lot.

Meditation is something that is different from most. After doing meditation, we feel as if everything is meaningless for us.

Means after doing meditation, you feel so good that all the things you have seem useless.

We have so many benefits of doing meditation means we have unlimited benefits of doing meditation.

So first of all let’s talk about what is meditation? Friends, you can get everything by meditation. And meditation is such a world that if you enter this world, you will go on entering it.

Meaning meditation makes you feel so good that you feel very relaxed.

By the way, everyone should do meditation because nowadays most of the people live in tension. Whoever you see, every person is living in tension. Be it a child or a youth, that means whoever it is, every person is living in tension.

So that’s why we must do meditation. Meditation should be done by every human being. There is no age to do meditation. There is no other place either.

But if you do meditation in a quiet place, then you will get more benefit from it.

Friends, you can do meditation anytime. You can do meditation in the morning, you can do it during the day, you can do it at night, you can do it in the evening, you can do it anytime. And you can do it anywhere.

There is no time to meditate. There is no place for meditation. You can do this at any time, from anywhere.

After doing meditation, we get many experiences. When you do meditation, a lot of thoughts keep going on in your mind during meditation, which is a bit difficult to stop in the beginning.

But slowly when you keep on doing meditation when you get used to doing meditation. Then these thoughts stop coming in our mind, then we have to practice meditation. We have to get used to it, only then we can be successful in it.

You must have heard from many people that meditation should be done in the morning. Or else meditation should be done in the evening. Or else meditation should be done in a quiet place when nothing like this happens.

You can do meditation anytime. If you do meditation in a very quiet place, then your attention will be more there.

So to do meditation, if you choose a place where there is no one. where there is no sound. So your focus will be more there.

If you do meditation in a place where there is a lot of noise, then your focus will be less there. That’s why it would be better if you do meditation in a very quiet place.

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meditation result

Friends, when you wake up after doing meditation, then your mind becomes completely calm. When our mind becomes calm then we can focus on many things quickly.

If you study, then you get completely focused on your studies. If you do any work, then your full focus gets on that work. If you are seeing or listening to something, or understanding it, then your focus is completely on that too.

If you are doing some work on which your mind is not able to concentrate, then before doing that work, if you meditate for 1 hour, then after that you will start focusing more and more quickly on that work.

So doing meditation benefits us a lot. We must do meditation for one hour daily.

Because meditation! It is very important for our brain power. It is very important for our mental health. When our mental health is good. So our whole body also becomes good.

Because our mind controls our whole body. If our mind is not calm. So our mind cannot be engaged in any work. And if we do not feel like doing any work, then we will not be able to progress.

That’s why first of all we should calm our mind and although there are many ways to calm the mind, but the best way is meditation.

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what is meditation prayer

Meditation prayer is a different kind of meditation.

For example, let me tell you an example of mine. I chant Om when I do meditation prayers. I sit in yoga posture. And speak the word Om in a loud voice. I chant the word Om.

And during that time I also meditate. So this is what we call meditation prayer.

By doing this, you also pray to God directly. And at the same time you also meditate. So both the tasks are done simultaneously. And meditation prayer is considered very good meditation.

By meditating and praying, our mind calms down a lot and very quickly. Which gives us many benefits.

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what is meditation in yoga

Friends, many people ask this question, what is Yoga Meditation? So I would like to tell you about this.

Yoga meditation is meditation done by yoga. Means meditation done during yoga. Now how do you do this? How does this happen? When you do yoga, when you go into any yoga posture, you feel meditation at that time.

Meaning as you all know when we meditate we sit in yoga posture. So we call it meditation yoga. Now there are different yoga postures in yoga.

When we do any yogasana, it is done for a short time. At that time all our focus is on that yoga posture. So that is what we call meditation yoga.

If you do meditation yoga means do any asana for five minutes, then you also experience meditation.

Whose positive effect falls on your mind. And also gives you a lot of benefits. That is why it is also very important.

types of meditation

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Spiritual meditation
  • Focused meditation
  • Movement meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Loving-kindness meditation
  • Visualization meditation

What exactly do you do in meditation?

When we meditate, we close our eyes. After that we have to focus on darkness. We have to constantly focus only on darkness.

When we focus on darkness, we go into a meditative state. After going in which we start having different experiences. And all these experiences make us feel many things.

As we feel very light, our focus increases. We start focusing on everything. And while meditating, we also start seeing different types of lights.

Some scary faces also start appearing. I am telling you this my personal experience. Rest of the different people may have different experience.

Because by going into the state of meditation. We see many such things which we never expected.

What is the actual meaning of meditation?

Meditation is a living death. When you go into a meditative state, you go into a living death. Because friends, neither do we eat anything after going into the state of meditation. Neither do we drink anything. We don’t see anything.

We don’t say anything. We don’t listen to anything. We don’t experience anything. We only experience meditation. Others do not experience anything physically. So it is a living death.

what is meditation definition

When you meditate and keep meditating when you have too much time. Then you have different experiences. As I told you this is my personal experience. I could see light in the darkness.

And I could see some scary faces too. And in the middle of my forehead where our third eye is. A little pain was also felt there.

Other than this! Body feels light. Meaning it seems that our body is not there, we are raised from the ground. The whole body becomes numb.

And it seems as if someone is touching us, someone is around us, we start feeling like that. So all these types of symptoms come in us.


Q. What is meditation short answer?

Ans: Meditation is such a state. Which takes you to a different world. Where your mind goes away from everything.

Q. What exactly does meditation do?

Ans: Meditation clears your mind. Meaning saves you from overthinking. And takes you to a different world. Wherever you go you feel very light.

Q. How does a person meditate?

Ans: Anyone can meditate in any way. Many people meditate in the forest. So some people meditate on the mountains also. So, some meditate even inside their homes. so you can meditate either way

Q. What is an example of meditating?

Ans: You can meditate while sitting in a yoga posture. Because meditation is done in yoga posture only. By sitting in a yoga posture, one can concentrate more on meditation.

Q. what is meditation in islam

Ans: I think there is no point in meditating in Islam. because they are not taught anything about meditation

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