what does déjà vu mean spiritually | what is deja vu

Why do I feel like this has happened to me before? May be I have asked someone for water before. Do you think we’ve seen this thing before?

Have you ever felt that this incident has happened to you before? In today’s article, we will talk about what does déjà vu mean spiritually. Friends, Deja Vu is a French word.

Which means we’ve seen this before. It is felt. Many incidents go on like this in our daily life. What we call Déjà Vu.

Friends, Déjà Vu does not happen in small children. It is most common in people between 15 and 25 years of age. And 60 to 70 percent people in the whole world have experienced this thing. That means this has happened to them, that has happened.

Those who think that this incident has happened to me before. We have passed this road before. We have eaten this food before. We had eaten at this restaurant before. So this is what we call déjà vu.

Basically what is the reason for this, why does this happen to us, so today I am going to give you complete information about it. Why did I tell you only about a person in the age group of 15 to 25 years. Because that’s what our mind is. It is a subconscious mind.

It means that the subconscious mind of people between the age of 15 to 25 years is very active.

And people of this age can store their memory for a long time. So that’s why sometimes we think that what is happening right now in front of us. What is happening right now in front of us. Exactly the same would have happened to us sometime. So we start feeling like this.

Friends, this does not happen with children below 15 years of age. Children of this age do not feel that way. Now what happens that whatever happens to us from childhood till the age of 25 years.

So exactly like that we see happening at different places after the age of 25. Which makes us feel that this happened to us sometime. Or would it ever happen. We must have eaten that thing sometime.

We must have gone there sometime. We must have met him sometime. So this thing keeps on repeating. Because all these things sit in our subconscious mind. Only after that things start repeating. Which we have named as Deja Vu.

And the familiar part of our brain. He keeps recalling it. That maybe it is like that, maybe it will be like that, maybe it will happen like that.

So it seems to us that this would have happened a few months back but it does not happen. Because the incident that happened earlier was different. And what has happened now is different. And our mind stores it.

The familiar part of our brain becomes very active. And seems to tell us that it is the same thing.

The second thing is that many people think that this thing must have happened in a previous life. Such an incident must have happened in the previous life, such an incident must have happened. Many people think like this.

You must have heard in many places in the society that many people say that I had smelled this fragrance before. I never felt like this before. I had seen this before. This is what happens with most people.

And some people also think that God has sent us with some special power. Due to which we are remembering the events of the previous birth in this birth, then some people also feel like this. While nothing like this happens.

The second reason for this is that the memory you remember of your signals is stored in short term memory. Means whatever happens in your mind like suppose which is short term memory will be stored in long term memory.

Try to understand this very carefully. Whatever you remember, like today your grandmother cooked very tasty food, then you feel that grandmother must have cooked such food before.

Or we feel like we must have eaten such food before. It tastes the same. So you immediately start remembering all this because it is already stored in your short term memory.

Later short term memory is stored in long term memory. So after being stored in the long-term center memory, even after 50 years, all those things will be repeated and remembered. Because that thing is stored in our longterm center memory.

That’s why that thing is repeated again and again. Makes you feel again and again. And reminds you again and again.

And sometimes it also happens that the reason for going from short term memory to long term memory is a shortcut part memory.

If there is a rift between the two, then it is not understood where to store this memory of ours. Sometimes this happens too.

Sometimes it happens that our mind has a place. If epilepsy comes there, then you are not able to delete all your signals properly.

Due to which we feel that this incident, these things have already happened. And many times such things have also been told that means there is more than one earth in our universe. Means if there will be another planet like our earth or more than one, then we must have come to this earth from that earth and from this earth we will go back to that earth.

So, all the things there are remembered here. And the things here would be remembered there. So all these things keep happening. So friends, till now nothing has been proved scientifically on Deja Vu.

But I have told you the reason. There may be a fight between your short term memory and your long term memory. And both are trapped. They do not understand where to go.

And it can also happen that in some area of ​​your brain. Where is the memory stored. There must have been an operation. That’s why you can’t store the memory or recall it properly.

If all these things happen to you four to five times in a year, then it is okay. But if this thing is repeating again and again. Then you may need to see a good doctor.

I haven’t found any scientific proof on this yet. But the condition which I have told you. Maybe she can be with you, with me or with anyone.

So, friends, there is nothing deja vu. Stop thinking about it because nothing like this ever happens. It is just a game of your memory. It’s a game of your memory.

So maybe now you must have understood what is Déjà Vu. If you have any query then you can ask me by commenting in the comment box. I will definitely give you a reply.

what does déjà vu mean spiritually

As I told you that Déjà Vu is a thought thing and nothing else. Or any such work that we had ever done. Then in the future we remember again that we had done something like this and nothing else.

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Q. What is déjà vu trying to tell you?

Ans: Deja Vu doesn’t want to tell us anything. This is a thought that we have never thought before. The same thought gets stored in our mind. And later it keeps on repeating.

Q. What does déjà vu symbolize?

Ans: Déjà Vu makes us repeat our thoughts. Which we have done before. All the same things repeat. Which makes us feel that we must have done this before.

Q. Is déjà vu related to spirituality?

Ans: Yes déjà vu is related to spirituality. Because it connects us to the spiritual world. Where there are talks related to this.

Q. Is déjà vu a warning?

Ans: Look, déjà vu is not a warning. It just alerts you that this incident has happened to you.

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