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Businesses that can be started in just Rs 5,000 thousand to a maximum of Rs 1,00,000 lakh. Let’s know in this article.

Today I will tell you about 3 franchise businesses that can be started with an investment of less than one lakh. And with this, their special thing is that these businesses can be started from anywhere in the city or the city. Now the first name comes in this list of Tata Franchise, which you can start with just Rs 10,000.

I am talking here about Tata’s 1MG franchise business. Which is a pharmacy business company. Since covid19 I don’t think I even need to tell you how profitable and evergreen the pharma business is.

Perhaps for this reason the Tata company would have bought the 1MG company. So, friends, this is a very good time to get associated with a good business.

As I have told you earlier also you have to invest only 10,000 thousand rupees in this. And under this, you have to provide a sugar-checking machine, blood pressure-checking machine, visiting cards, and some basic facilities. And one special thing is that it is not at all necessary for you to have any medical-related degree.

Let’s go ahead. Now let’s know how much commission is available in this. So you can get an excellent profit margin from Tata 1MG. Which ranges from 15 to 20%. For this you have to apply online and the Tata 1MG team will contact you personally.

Let’s go ahead now. The second name that comes in this list is the franchise given by the Government of India, which you can start for 5,000 thousand rupees.

Yes, I am talking about India Post here. Friends, you must have seen the post office, then it is a franchise of the same. In this, you are not forced to open a post office. Rather some of its parts are sold. And its total cost is just Rs.5,000.

Franchise Business
Top 3 Franchise Business | Best Business To Start Now 3

So let us now know what you have to do in this. Friends, there are some such things in the post office, which wants to move away from the government office and reach people from village to the village.

Because there is no post office in many villages. So that’s why you have to open a small center of your own by taking the franchise of India Post Office. And there you can operate things related to the post office.

Now, these things include premium payment, stamp paper withdrawal, government scheme forms, and money transfers can be done from here. Now its special thing is that with this you can open it from anywhere in India.

By the way, the best place here would be the place where there is no post office facilities. This will make your work very easy and your profits will also increase a lot.

If we talk about its profit margin, then on booking a money order, a commission of Rs 3.50 is given for more than 1000 speed post confirmations, 20% extra income, and 5% commission is given on selling the postal stamp which is there.

Which is quite decent if you look at the investment comparison. So for this also you can apply on the website of India Post.

Now the next franchisee business in this list is DTTC. Friends, to take the franchisee of this company, we have to invest ₹ 50,000. In this, basically, all the packets have to be delivered.

And for this, you will have to hire the staff yourself. And for delivery, the vehicle will also have to be arranged by itself.

Let us now know what can be the profit margin in this?

Friends, right now DTDC is the biggest company related to couriers in India. It is obvious that the profit margin will also be very high in this.

The profit margin in this is approximate. It can range from 25% to 30%. That is, in 1 month, you can earn from ₹ 40000 to ₹ 50000 approximately.

So, friends, these were the three franchise businesses in which you can invest at least ₹ 5000. And you can earn a lot of money.

Benefits of Starting a Franchise Business

You have this advantage in this business that you do not need any marketing for this. Because you are taking the franchise of a company which is already famous. So that’s why all your goods will be sold. Because people are already using that stuff. That is why there is only advantage in doing this business. And this business earns lakhs of rupees.

How Does a Franchise Business Work?

In the franchise business, the company sold goods to the franchisee. The same merchandise the franchise sold to retailers. Then the retailers sold the same goods to all their customers. For Example Company sold goods worth Rs 100 to the franchisee. The franchise then sold the same goods to the retailers for Rs 150. Then the same goods retailers sold 250 to all their customers and earned a profit of Rs.100.

What is the most profitable franchise?

The most profitable franchise is from Maggi Company. Because everyone likes to eat Maggi. And its sales are very high. So that’s why you can earn lakhs of rupees by taking Maggi company’s franchise.

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Q. Do franchises make money?

Ans: Yes you can earn lakhs of rupees in a franchise business. Because it does not require much effort from you. In this, you just have to sell the goods to the retailers of your area.

Q. starting a franchise cost

Ans: It depends on which company you are opening a franchise. By the way, it costs at least 5 lakh rupees to open the franchise.

Q. requirements to start a franchise

Ans: In order to open a franchise, you have to give your complete details. Such as a photocopy of your Aadhar card, full address proof, and your bank details.

Q. tips for starting a franchise business

Ans: I would like to tell you that before starting the franchise business, you should talk to some people who are already doing franchise business. Because those people will guide you well about this business.

Q. how to open a franchise with no money

Ans: If you want to start a franchise business without money. So for this, you find an investor who has money to invest in this business. Because it will take your idea and his money.

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