laser cutting machine price 15,000 in all over India

Friends, today we will talk about laser cutting machine.

Friends, you can do a big business by using laser cutting machine. Friends, this machine can cut unlimited products. Meaning it gives you cutting of many different things by laser.

Friends, this machine comes in different sizes. Comes in all sizes big and small. It also comes in different prices. Friends, this machine starts from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000.

This machine also comes for 5,00,000 lakhs. 10,00,000 lakh also comes. This machine comes up to 20 lakh 30 lakh 50 lakh. The higher the price, the bigger the size. And by cutting as much, this machine will give you.

Friends, if you buy a laser cutting machine, then you can cut anything with this machine. Meaning you can do cutting by laser. And many gift items which are available in the market means there are many gift items available in the market. The cutting of all gift items. It is done by laser cutter machine only.

Friends, different types of laser cutting machines come in the market.

Such as double head laser cutting machine.

Leather Laser Cutting Machine.

Non metal laser cutting machine.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

Laser Metal Cutting Machine.

MDF Laser Cutting Machine.

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine.

There are many different types of such machines. You will find all these machines on the Indiamart website.

Friends, in this post I will tell you about all these machines. And I will also tell you how much you will get all these machines for. Price of different machine and what is the function of different machine. I’ll tell you everything.

What machine can you cut? Which machine is used for what? Which machine uses how much electricity?

You will find this machine in every city in whichever city you live. All you have to do is contact online. Go to the Indiamart website. You will find many sellers there. You have to contact them.

You will get the contact form, fill that form, you have to fill your complete details. The seller will contact you himself and deliver the machine to you.

Now let me tell you about different machines. You will get all the laser cutter machines here.

Jiatai 180W Metal Mix Laser cutter Machine

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine price 15,000 in all over India 6
  • The price of this machine is Rs 10 lakh.
  • And this machine does wood cutting. This means cutting wood pieces.
  • Its brand name is Jiatai.
  • The laser power of this machine is 180 volts.
  • The total Voltage Power is 380.
  • The automation Grade is Automatic.
  • The frequency of this machine is 50Hz.
  • Its power source is electric.
  • The price of this machine is Rs 10 lakh

Complete information about the company which is selling this machine.

  • This company was started in 2002.
  • This company is a Partnership Firm.
  • This company does the manufacturer.
  • There are 11 to 25 Employees in this company.
  • The Annual Turnover of this company is 5 to 10 Crore.
  • This company is associated with India Mart Company since 2009.
  • The GST number of this company is 07AAHFJ4357N1ZV
  • This company exports this machine to all these countries. Sweden, Uganda, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada

Link plus Acrylic 3020 50w Laser cutter Machine And Engraving Machine

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine price 15,000 in all over India 7
  • Friends, the price of this laser cutter machine is 75,000 thousand.
  • Its modal name and number is linkplus3020.
  • Cutting Material is Acrylic. This means cutting the transparent plastic sheet.
  • Its brand name is Link plus.
  • Usage/Application is acrylic and MDF.
  • Its capacity is 1500 Piece.
  • Its laser power is 50W.
  • What type of machine is this? This is Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine.
  • Its Cutting Speed ​​is 30mm to 40mm Per Second.
  • For this Working Area 30cm x 20cm is required.
  • It has 50hZ Voltage.
  • This is a semi-automatic machine.
  • For this the power supply should be of 50w.
  • The cutting thickness of this machine is 6mm to 7mm.
  • The cooling mode of this machine is water.
  • It has a single phase.
  • This machine has one year warranty.
  • Corel laser and linlplus pro cut software is used to control this machine.
  • Its cutting area is 30cm x 20cm.
  • You can order only 1 machine at a time.
  • This machine is made in India.
  • The weight of this machine is 45KG

About the Company

  • This company was started in 2009.
  • 11 to 25 people work in this company.
  • The GST number of this company is 07AAJCA2463R1Z5.
  • This company is private limited.
  • This company has a turnover of 50 Lakh to 1 Crore.
  • This company is associated with India Mart since 2011.
  • This company sells its machines in all these countries. South Africa, the United States Of America, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Russia

Semi-Automatic Double Head MDF Laser Cutter Machine

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine price 15,000 in all over India 8

Complete product information.

You can use this machine daily. As you can use this machine for advertising. You can also use it for craftwork. You can also use it to make toys. You can also break a coconut with this machine. You can also break marble stones with it. You can cut everything with this machine.

The price of this machine is 3.90 lakh

  • The model name and number of this machine is DM-1390S.
  • Its cutting material is MDF.
  • This is a semi-automatic machine.
  • Its laser power is of 100W.
  • Its brand name is MSUN.
  • Its size and dimensions are 1980 x 1570 x 1300 mm.
  • Its weight is 325 Kg.
  • Its working area is 1300 x 900 mm.
  • It works on 220 Voltage.
  • Its frequency is 50Hz.
  • Its resolution is 1000 DPI.
  • Its working speed is up to 3600 mm/min.
  • Its Laser Tube is EFR CO2 Sealed Glass.
  • Its working table is Honeycomb.
  • Its image format is PLT, DXF, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, AI.
  • Its Drive Type is Stepper Motor Micro Stepping Yako Drive3505.
  • Its Cooling Way Industrial Chiller is CW5200


laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine price 15,000 in all over India 9
  • The price of this machine is Rs 7.50 lakh.
  • The model name and number of this machine is MT-1410T.
  • Its Cutting Material is Acrylic, MDF, Paper, Fabrics, Leather, Wood, and Plastics.
  • Its brand name is MTECH LASER.
  • This machine runs on Acrylic, MDF, Paper, Fabrics, Leathers, Wood, Plastics, and Application.
  • The capacity of this machine is INDUSTRIAL.
  • Its laser power is 90W / 100W / 130W / 150W.
  • This is an OPEN TYPE MACHINE.
  • Its cutting speed is 300 MM/S.
  • Its working area is 1400 X 1000.
  • This machine is automatic.
  • Its Power Source is Co2 Laser TUBE.
  • Its cooling mode is water.
  • This machine is made in India.
  • You can order at least 1 Piece

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Q. What is a laser cutter?

Ans: Laser cutter is a type of machine. Which comes in handy for cutting different things. and it is also used for gifts

Q. What are the different types of laser cutter?

Ans: There are many types of laser cutters. This is a machine. such as double head laser cutter, leather laser cutter

Q. What’s the price of a laser cutter machine?

Ans: There are different types of laser cutter machines. And their price is very high. Like Rs 5 lakh, 10 lakh, 20 lakh

Q. What’s the best large-format laser cutter machine?

Ans: Senfeng company’s laser cutter machine is the best machine. Its price is 7.50 lakhs. Its model number is SF1325G

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