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How to stop overthinking. Overthinking has become a habit for some people. Constant thinking is just a habit. And keep on thinking, keep on thinking. They put so much emphasis on their mind that at one point of time, it even leads to a breakdown of the mind. So the condition of such people becomes very bad.

Friends, overthinking has become a big problem for people today. Because we are very far away from the physical level. That’s why they constantly keep putting pressure on the mind. That’s why overthinking is a huge problem.

How to reduce talking to yourself, today we will talk about it in detail. Overthinking is a habit, being constantly worried, always being stressed. Why does the mind think so much? I’ll tell you about it. So let’s do a little analysis inside the mind.

Friends, there are 4 types of departments inside our minds.

According to Hindu scriptures, it is said that the mind is a talkative part. You can see it by experiencing it. There is a part of the mind that is constantly talking. He goes on talking. That is called the verbal part. Apart from this, there is another part also which is called the mind.

Which is called the visual part. who makes pictures. And the third part is of the intellect which takes the decision. whether it is right or wrong and the fourth part is the work of the ego and the mind is to rectify our shortcomings. Means to fix

The mind always works on shortcomings. And the intellect is a slave to the ego. And the job of the mind is to visualize.

Let’s understand this a little better. All the decisions we make are related to our ego. If anything is going to satisfy our ego, then we like it very much.

Let me explain to you with an example. Suppose a thought came into your mind, you saw an advertisement on TV. You have seen that a luxury car ad is running. And its cost is at least ₹ 15,00,000 lakhs.

After that, a desire arose in your mind and you took out the details about that car that this car is very beautiful to look at. Its part is like this, its part is like that, and so on. And you removed all the details about it.

There was an impression on your mind, some words were born in your mind, some pictures were generated and due to this, your verbal part got activated. Who told you that I want this thing. Because of this, the picturization that started how would I feel if this car came to me.

After this, the ego part gets activated. Which in my heart I say to you that yes if this car comes to me, I will enjoy it a lot. And your ego will start thinking that I will be number one, I will be respected in the society.

Your ego will start thinking like this, in this way you explained yourself. After this, the ego is so powerful that it compels the intellect to make a decision. He tells intellect to take this decision and arrange for this vehicle. Meaning buying this car because it is a must.

Meaning it is necessary for my satisfaction. And our intellect is the slave of the ego. That’s why most of us take that thing for granted. Then the intellect gives a new trigger to our powerful mind. And says now do something like how this car comes to me.

Meaning, adopt different methods to buy this car, collecting money, arranging money, doing this, doing that, then it creates visuals. Then the ego arises from the visuals. Then there is the decision-making effect. And this cycle goes on like this.

Let’s understand this thing a little better. After that, you will have more fun understanding it. After this, you will also be able to control your mind very well. You will see that most of the thoughts we have to revolve around in this way.

Sometimes a part may start sooner than the visual and sometimes a part may start faster than the audio. If you want to stop your overthinking, then control one of these parts.

After this, your entire overthinking will come under control. Suppose you have controlled your verbal part. The verbal part means the part which is creating thoughts in you, that part is called the verbal part.

Who is saying that do this, do that, don’t do that, do that, do that, and so on? Who is telling you that I like this thing? I like that thing. So this is the whole verbal part of the whole which is in the form of audio. And it goes on in your mind.

Then the visual part that is produced which picturizes can you stop it. If the verbal is created then it will be difficult to stop the visual. It will be difficult to stop the verbal. But still, you can stop it.

If you were a little witness during this time. So you can stop it.

That is why now it is time to observe a little. If your consciousness is even a little bit active. So you can consider any thought that arises in your mind, and you can stop the thought.

Your verbal part said something that I liked this thing. You stopped him immediately. Dimmed that voice a bit. You told your mind that I do not want this voice.

That’s why I’m reducing it. So you removed that part. Everything ends here. So it can be stopped immediately. But for this, you need a little consciousness.

So remember that without consciousness this work will not happen. The second thing may be that instead of that you made a visual picture and as soon as the picture was made a desire arose in your heart.

So you can remove this picture also means you can dim the picture. You can remove it from the screen of your mind. That I don’t want to think too much about it.

It can be any topic. Today you are liking this topic, tomorrow this topic may be bad for you. Any painful topic can also bring your mind in front of you. As if he is coming up with a good topic.

The third thing that can stop it. That is vanity, if you control your vanity a little, you will see that of course, the visuals worked. The verbal part worked.

But if your ego is a little under your control. You have controlled it. And told him that I don’t even want it, I don’t even want this car. So the matter will all end there.

If you are even a little conscious, then the work will stop here. You will not need to do anything further. Or the fourth part of you is too strong. Being strong means that the intelligence of your decision-making power is so strong that it puts the ego on the side.

And if the intellect says, look, if I don’t want it, then it doesn’t mean I don’t want it.

how to stop overthinking
how to stop overthinking | it does 100% work | happy life 3

You can brake your entire cycle by controlling any part of it. It requires consciousness. For this witnessing is needed and one should constantly keep an eye on his mind.

Friends, I do a small analysis in my mind after every 1 hour. Meaning you can install any app in mobile. For this, an app called Mind Bell comes. that gives you an alarm.

The alarm will remind you every 1 hour to come back inside. And analyze inside yourself and see what is going on in my mind right now. Then you see that the verbal part is doing something.

Either the visual part is doing something or the part of the ego is doing something. Or the intellect is doing some work. You have created a little awareness about these four things.

And as soon as there was awareness. As soon as consciousness arose. All of these works are put on brakes. Because consciousness is the overall power, the power that is working to run all these is the power of your consciousness.

There is the power of your consciousness. It’s all in the dark if you’re not. The day your consciousness left your body. Somebody’s whole game is going on. It will end immediately.

Therefore, as soon as the amount of consciousness increases inside your consciousness, then all these departments will go on calming down on their own. So this is the best way to stop the mind.

If you stop even one part of yourself, then all your thoughts and thoughts will end. Try this by practicing it continuously for 3 to 4 days. After that, you will see that miracles will start happening to you.

Such a miracle will happen in your life that thoughts will start disappearing from your mind. After this you will start being absolutely silent, you will enjoy so much, you will enjoy so much that means you will enjoy.

There will be so much peace, and there will be so much stagnation that you cannot even imagine.

Friends, stop the thoughts and see that gradually the consciousness inside you will become so active that you will automatically start moving towards self-realization. And this will benefit your soul.

And the biggest problem is that your thoughts which go on continuously will completely disappear. They will be minimized. And you will see that after some time the thoughts will stop coming. It will be absolutely minimum.

When we stress, thoughts come to our minds. Otherwise, our mind is running empty, it is completely blank. There must be so much fun, there must be so much joy.

So, friends, that’s why you have to make a little effort to reach this stage. So I hope that you must have liked this article of mine, if you like it, then you can tell me by commenting in the comment box.

how to stop overthinking and negative thoughts

As I told you, there are many things you can do to stop overthinking. Like you can do meditation. Because meditation calms the mind.

You can hear the beep sound. Because our mind becomes completely empty by listening to the beep sound. I have personally experienced this as well.

Apart from this, you can exercise. Exercising also calms the mind.

That’s why negative thoughts keep running in our mind. Because we get disturbed. When we get disturbed, the same word keeps running in our mind again and again. What we call overthinking, overthinking harms our mind a lot.

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how to stop overthinking relationships

Sometimes what happens is that we start thinking too much even in relationships. Which we call overthinking. When we make a relationship with someone and something goes wrong in that relationship.

If that relationship starts breaking then we start thinking too much. That this should not happen, that it should not happen. If this happens, then that happens. So we get disturbed.

That’s why thinking thoughts keep running in our mind in an unlimited way, which we call overthinking.

So we should not think too much in relationships. We should just talk directly. If you talk directly, then only its solution will be found. Because the solution does not come out by thinking too much. Thinking only disturbs the mind. If your mind is disturbed again and again, then you can also go mad.

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how to stop overthinking anxiety

If you worry too much about anything, then you can do many things for it. As you busy yourself in something that you like the most.

Because while doing that thing which we like the most, we get so lost that we do not even know how much time has passed. So in this way if you keep yourself busy then your anxiety will end to a great extent.

Now that thing can be anything. Like I love playing video games. So whenever I am worried about anything. So I play video games. So all my attention goes to that. And I stop thinking. So you also do in this way, then seeing will not worry you.

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how to stop overthinking about someone

If you are thinking too much about any person. And that person is not coming out of your mind, so for this you start writing on the note book. Means start writing anything.

By doing this, our attention will be diverted from the person about whom you are thinking. Because with time we start forgetting everything. But this is what we try to do. As long as we are worried about someone, that person or anything should not come to our mind again and again.

Because we get disturbed by the memories of any human being. Whatever person we are thinking about. It is very important to get out of this. otherwise there will be a lot of trouble

Apart from this, you start meditating. Because meditation also helps us a lot in coming out of someone’s memories.


Q. What are 3 ways to stop overthinking?

Ans: number 1: You can meditate because meditation calms the mind.

Number 2: Do any such work daily that you enjoy the most, doing such work also helps to calm your mind.

Number 3: You should exercise daily because exercise relaxes the whole body. So the mind also remains calm.

Q. What is the cause of overthinking?

Ans: The reason for thinking more is that you are free. You don’t have any work.

And you are disturbed about something or the other. Which can’t get out of your mind.

Q. Why do I constantly keep overthinking?

Ans: You keep thinking more because you live alone. you should meet people and be with them.

Q. How Do I Stop overthinking at night?

Ans: If you think more while sleeping. So before sleeping listen to the beep sound for at least 15 minutes. By doing this your mind will become calm. beep sound you can listen from youtube

Q. how to stop overthinking while studying

Ans: If you tend to think a lot while reading, then you must meditate before reading. By doing this your mind will become calm. Otherwise, you can also hear the beep sound. Even that will calm your mind.

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