how to start momos business in 2,000 rupees with easy way

Friends, today I will tell you how you can start a momo business in India and earn a lot of money?

Friends on today’s time. Everyone loves to eat momos, no matter what? Be it girl or boy, child or elder, everyone loves to eat momos. Friends Momos is a Chinese food, but in today’s time, it has spread all over the world. For this reason, you must do momos business in India.

So because of this, if you do momos business by staying in any country or living in any city, then your business will run. In today’s time, whoever started the business of momos, his work has gone on. He just has to wait a bit. There is hard work in everything. If you have to be patient in every work, then momos business is such a business that it will earn you money, friends, today I will tell you my real story.

I also started a momos business when I was 17 or 18 years old, at that time I also started a momos business. So at that time, there was no competition at all in the business of momos, but in today’s time, you will see that everyone has set up a momos stall everywhere in the market.

So in today’s time, there has been a lot of competition in the business of momos, but even then you can earn a lot of money from momos business. Let me explain to you in detail.

Friends, I started the business of momos 17 or 18 years ago, so I had set up 12 stalls at that time. This means 12 stalls were set up. I had left one boy at each stall. this means I had left one working boy at every stall, so all those boys used to manage my work. And I used to pay them a salary.

So in this way, I used to manage all the stalls. You guys might not believe it. When I was 18, I managed 12 stalls at that time. I used to pay ₹7000 to ₹8000 to every boy.

And apart from this, I used to give them free food and also used to give them free to live.

All those boys were very happy with their work and used to stay at my house. I had got a flat vacated for all those boys. which I had given on rent earlier. All those 12 boys used to live in that flat. Food was free for them from my side and living was also free.

And in return, they all used to take care of their own stalls.

And I used to manage them all.

Friends, the most special thing comes in momos. Momos Sauce If momos sauce is very tasty then friends! People like to eat a lot. My mother had prepared the sauce and made a very tasty sauce.

Friends, our work was going very well.

At that time, many people liked the sauce so much that many people started buying only the sauce. And people started getting sauce requirements.

momos business
how to start momos business in 2,000 rupees with easy way 12

Our work started going very well. I used to earn ₹ 30000 from each stall. this means I used to earn ₹ 30000 from every single install every month. Accordingly, the total used to earn ₹ 360000 from 12 stalls and used to give ₹ 8000 per month to each boy.

And also used to give free living and food to them. All those people were happy and I was very happy too. Accordingly, my business was doing very well.

But friends what happened one day that suddenly a boy’s health got very bad and he left work and he went to his village. In this way, one boy started leaving his work and I also started getting very demotivated, because friends, my age was very young at that time. I was only 18 years old. And I didn’t even have many business ideas. And I didn’t like to set up stalls by myself because I would be too ashamed if I! Had not been shy about setting up stalls, I would have made a very big company today.

So friends, here I would like to say one more thing that never is shy in business. If your team isn’t working, so you do it!

Otherwise, your business will not work.

So, friends, this is how my business closed. The entire business was closed.

momos business lasted only for 1 year.

And had earned more than ₹ 3500000 in a year.

After that friends, I stopped this work. Which I didn’t want to do at all. I had to do my work continuously which I could not do. Because I was demotivated.

But friends, in today’s time, look anywhere in the market. Even today people start momos businesses. There has been a little bit of competition in the market. That’s why we have to be patient. If you do not have patience in business then your business will not work.

Friends, if you want to start a food business, then we have to take care of some things in it!

Now, what momos come in the category of food and drink. So we need to keep cleanliness in the things we eat. And it is also necessary to speak lovingly to the customer. If you give respect to the customer, talk to him with love and yours!

Make food items delicious. And keep it a little cheaper! So everyone will want to eat your food item and your business will start running very fast.

momos business
how to start momos business in 2,000 rupees with easy way 13

Friends, I have also made many mistakes in my business, and I did not keep my patience. I did not manage the stall myself. I only used to manage my team. one boy started leaving work And I didn’t pay attention to that. I got demotivated. And could not do that work continuously because I had not done any kind of business management course. I didn’t even have enough intelligence to run my business.

So according to this!

I want to tell you this If you just want to start this business, then make your sauce very tasty in it.

Because the taste of momos remains almost the same. All the people who sell momos have almost the same taste. So in today’s time, there are many people who make paneer momos. Chicken momos, veg momos. Chocolate momos are made and many different varieties have come in it.

In many ways, people are making momos and selling them in the market. In today’s time, there are many companies that are selling momos, and many people have made their small businesses very big companies. Started with a small stall. Later on, he went on to increase it. The money came and went. The team went on building up because the food item was delicious and has to be continued continuously and cleanliness also has to be given a lot of attention. Take care of cleanliness in the things you eat.

And also take care of the taste and talk to the customer with respect. Then everyone will want to eat your food item with you. Then everyone will come to you and definitely eat your momos.

And this is how our customers go by marketing our business for free.

Apart from this, there are also some rules of business. What you need to follow.

If you follow these rules then you can become a very big businessman and if you do not follow these rules then you too will not get successful in business.

  • Rule number 1. You have to take care of cleanliness in your business. If you want to start a business related to food and drink, then you have to take care of cleanliness in your food and drink.
  • Rule number 2. You have to make your food items very tasty.
  • Rule No. 3. You have to speak politely to your customer.
  • Rule No. 4. You have to make your item cheap.
  • Rule number 5. You have to be patient.

If you want to start a food business, then you have to follow these five rules. Then your business will run.

how to start momos business in easy way
how to start momos business in 2,000 rupees with easy way 14

So friends, do not commit the mistakes that I have done. And don’t do it at all at the present time, because the present time is a very competitive time.

Because friends, there are stalls of momos everywhere in the market. You have to defeat them all. They have to be defeated by their hard work their dedication. Only then will you get success, and only then your business will run, and most importantly. To have patience Patience is the most important thing. If you follow all these rules then you will win in this business.

How much money will be required to start momos’ business?

You can start a momos stall for just ₹ 5000. Friends, when I started my momos stall, then at that time I started my momos stall for only ₹ 2000 because of this thing! If it is 15 years ago, then 15 years ago there was not even this much inflation and there was not much competition. In this, you have to buy utensils in which you will make your momos. You also have to get a table and you have to get a chair.

Which you will use for sitting and for keeping utensils. Apart from this, you also need a gas cylinder.

So by using all these things you can make momos well. Friends, if you do not know how to make momos, then you should learn how to make momos. If you want to do business with momos only. If you want to earn money only by selling momos, then you should learn to make momos.

Otherwise, you can also bring readymade momos from the market. Friends, momos are made in many places in the market, so you can bring readymade momos from there cheaply if you do not know how to make them?

So friends can you start your work in this way?

At present, a plate of veg momos is available in the market for ₹ 30 to ₹ 40 and a plate of non-veg momos is available for ₹ 50 to ₹ 60. Friends and cheese momos also come in this. You can sell that too.

Apart from this, momos are also made from eggs. You can also make and sell egg momos. If you sell momos in different varieties, then your business will run more.

Apart from this, there is no need to market it. Friends, go to the market and talk to any shopkeeper and tell him that I want to set up a momos stall outside your shop.

Because I said the same thing. I had also set up stalls of all my momos outside different shops.

momos business
how to start momos business in 2,000 rupees with easy way 15

So, friends, you have to do the same. You will also have to talk to a shopkeeper and tell him that I want to set up a momos stall outside your shop. In return, he will tell you that you will give me ₹ 200 daily. Friends, 15 years ago, the shopkeeper took ₹100 from me daily for setting up a stall of momos outside his shop. Nowadays ₹200 even ₹300, but it depends. How big is the market above the market, how expensive it is, the people who come there, how rich they are? It depends on the market,

so friends, talk to the shopkeeper. He will definitely let you set up a momos stall because if he also wants to earn money, then he will get his rent and if you run your business, then you will have to run your business accordingly.

So friends, to open this work, you have to spend only ₹ 5000. First, you learn how to make momos. If you want to make it by yourself, then learn and learn it till it becomes tasty. Keep in mind that the momos sauce should be very tasty.

Make sauces in different ways, and make momos in different ways. Eat it yourself, feed it to other people and get people tested, and check how it tastes. If people say that it is made very well, then understand that you have passed. Don’t start your business until people appreciate your food and drink.

Friends, initially you will earn a little less, but this earning will gradually increase. Just you have to take care of some things, you have to talk to your customer with love. Cleanliness is to be maintained and momos are to be sold cheaply.

This means selling cheaper than the rest and keeping your food items tasty. Just follow these five rules, and your work will be done.

Friends, you have to be patient too. Because you may not make profit in the first month. There may not be a profit even in the second month, but from the third month you will definitely make a profit and then you will also get a good experience. To sell momos. Friends, every day you have to give ₹ 200 to the shopkeeper to set up a stall outside his shop.

Friends, doing business is not so easy, but if you persist, have patience and keep doing your business with courage, then your business will make you a millionaire. You can earn from 30,000 to ₹ 50000 from a stall, but you can also earn up to ₹ 100000 because friends, if you sell more food items along with momos, then you will earn from them too. You hire a helper. He will help you and you give him a salary of 8000 or 10000.

Accordingly, one of your stalls will start very well.

In this way, you can also set up another stall from one stall. A third stall can also be set up. The fourth stall can also be set up. This way you can set up a lot of stalls when you will gradually have a lot of money. Then you take a shop on rent, take another shop and take a third shop. While doing this, you take many shops and sell your momos in them. In this way, your business will start growing a lot.

And the best part about this is that it doesn’t even need to be done all day.

Friends, you can do this business from 4:00 in the evening to 10:00 or 11:00 the night.

momos business
how to start momos business in 2,000 rupees with easy way 16

You have to do this business only from 6 hours to 7 hours and by working 6/7 hours you can earn from ₹ 30000 to ₹ 50000 per month. You can even earn ₹ 100000 because it depends on you what food items you are selling.

You can also earn ₹ 200000 a month from one stall because the earners are earning because they earn so much money by selling multiple food items, then you have to start with one item. this means you have to start with the item of momos. And gradually you have to increase the food items too. You also have to sell potato chips. Because people also like to eat potato chips. Also when you have a lot of items people will like to eat a lot of items.

Gradually your sales will keep on increasing. Your business will start running like a rocket. Friends, despite the competition, you can still get success in this business. but You have to work hard, don’t leave, and take care of one thing even for a day. You will not take even 1 day off. If you leave, the other momos seller will attract your customers. That’s why don’t take a vacation.

When your business will go a long way. Then you should hire helpers and keep many helpers. He will handle your work and hire a team manager to manage you too. He will manage your entire team. Accordingly, later you will get a lot of time to have fun, which means you have to start yourself in the beginning. In the beginning, you have to work hard yourself when your business will be completely set. After that, you have a lot of fun in your life.

Because friends, there is a lot of hard work in the beginning. Later that hard work gradually becomes easier.

Because all the work is set up and we also get the idea of ​​our work. That’s why hard work becomes very easy.

So friends, by following all these things, you can do your business. Can you make it big?

So, friends, this was the momos business idea that I have shared with you.

If you like this idea and like my method then you must comment. And if you want to ask anything, then you can ask me by commenting. I will definitely give you the answer. Apart from this, I will tell you more ways how you can start a momos business?

wow momo franchise

If you want to take wow momo franchise then you will need 200 to 250 square feet space for this. At the very least you will need space for the kitchen and counter.

You will also get training for this work. And you also have to have a staff of 2 to 3 people who will run your franchise.

Friends, first of all you have to go to their website. There you will find their contact form. In that you have to fill your complete details. Like contact number, name place, what do you do, how educated you are, all this you have to fill in their form.

After that you have to submit the form. After that their team will call you. Then the whole process will start

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Q. profit in momos business

how to start momos business

Ans. as I told you. That you can make unlimited income in this business. But it depends. How are you managing your business?

I also told you that if you set up 2 stalls apart from one stall? So you will be able to earn more. If you set up 3 stalls, there will be more income. If you set up 4 stalls then you will get more income.

And if you will increase your food items? Then there will be more income.

So that is to say, in this, you can make unlimited profit like other people are doing.

Q. license for momo stall business

how to start momos business

Ans. There is no need for any kind of license in this business. But it also depends on how big your business is. As you must have heard the name of WOW Momos company, if you have not heard, then you will find it by searching on Google. Wao Momos Company has got its own license. Because it has become a very big company making momos. That’s why they need a license.

But if you have opened only one stall or a shop is opened then you will not need any kind of license. This means to say that the license has to be made only for the company or franchisee. Not for any petty stall or shop.

Q. investment for momos stall business

how to start momos business

Ans. A lot of people ask how much money it will take to start this business.

So I would like to tell you that it will take only 5000 thousand rupees to start this business. Because when I started it was only 2000 rupees. If you do not have any knowledge of this business then you should start this business from a very small level. It will cost you only 4,000 to 5,000 rupees, not more than this.

If you want to open a big shop and want to invest more money, then you can also spend up to Rs 1,00,000 lakhs. And you will not have any loss in this because this business is such a business that goes everywhere. That’s why you can take risks in it.

Q. pros and cons of momos stall business

how to start momos business

Ans. There is no loss in this business. But profit is profit. As I told you that you can start this business from any country or start from any city. This business will give you profit only.

If I talk about losses, then like those who run small stalls, they face a lot of trouble in this business as the policemen harass them. Do not allow stalls. ask for money.

Or the shop outside where you have put up your stall, only the shop owner refuses to put you up. And set up his own stall.

Then all these problems can come to you. But friends, if you have overcome all these problems, then one day you can become a very big businessman.

Q. franchise of momos stall business

how to start momos business

Ans. If you want to take a franchise of this business. So you can take the franchise of WOW Momos Company. Because Wow Momos Company is a momos-making company. Instead of this company, the franchise is open. Which is taken by different people. So you too can do this business by taking their franchise.

Your biggest advantage in this will be that you will not need any marketing for this. Because this company is already famous. That is why if you do your business by taking a franchise of this company, then you will start earning income from day one.

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