how to start a Kirana store in 50,000 with easy way

Today I will tell you how you can start a Kirana store business by spending ₹ 50,000? Friends, read this article completely because I will tell you to step by step in this how you can open a grocery store. How much money can you earn from the grocery store? What are the benefits you will get from the grocery store? And how much can you lose from the Kirana store business? I will tell you all these things.

Because I also had a Kirana store of my own. Which my father used to run. I used to help my father. So that’s why I have a whole experience with it. So reading this article completely, I will tell you everything in this.

Friends first! Let me tell you what you can sell in the grocery store? Friends, Kirana store means a general store! This means in you can sell all the things, whatever are the things related to food and drink. You can sell all those things by keeping them in your grocery store.

For example, you can also sell vegetables in it. You can also sell fruits and vegetables. And it also includes all the items that we use daily for food inside our house. Like pulses, rice, flour, wheat?

It includes many different items. Such as bath soap, and laundry soap.

The edible oil which we also call mustard oil. Mustard oil, refined oil.

And there are many other small items. There are also some items that are sold by chemist stores. Such as face cream, body lotion, body wash, face wash, etc.

So we have to keep all these items in our shop. Friends, as I told you, you can set up a grocery store by investing ₹ 50,000.

Friends, if you have your own shop. Then it will cost you ₹ 50,000. If you have a rental shop. Then your expenditure of ₹60,000 will come. Because you will also have to pay rent of ₹ 10,000 every month.

So friends by investing ₹ 50,000 every month you can! You can earn from 15,000 thousand to ₹ 20,000 thousand every month. Meaning you can earn ₹ 700 and ₹ 800 every day.

Friends, what is the biggest advantage of this? The biggest advantage of this is that the items that are in the grocery store are multiple items. So due to having many items, your earnings start from day one.

And even if there is little earning in Kirana store business, but it is definitely there. Even if only two or four customers come in 1 day, but they do come.

Just like someone has to take butter, someone has to take tea leaves, and someone has to take pulses. Somebody has to take rice. Somebody has to take the flour. Somebody has to take oil. Somebody has to take mustard oil. Somebody has to take refined oil. Somebody has to take hair oil.

Meaning customers keep coming to the shop for some item or the other. That is why opening a Kirana store is very beneficial. Meaning your dal roti will continue to run from the grocery business. This is what it means to say. That grocery business will never let you die of hunger. And if it continues to run your house, then so much income is earned in this business.

Kirana store
how to start a Kirana store in 50,000 with easy way 5

Friends, there are some disadvantages to this business as well. The disadvantage is that we have to get up first in this. We have to get up early in the morning. Because there are many shops around us. So there is a lot of competition.

If we will not open our shop at 6:00 am or 7:00 am. So who are the grocery stores around us? He will pull our customer. Because of this, we have to suffer a lot. So it is our compulsion that we have to wake up early in the morning and open the grocery store.

Apart from this, we have to close our Kirana store till very late in the night. We have to open our shop at night from 11:00 to 12:00 because customers keep coming and going throughout the day.

As I said, there is an era of competition. So that is why we have to keep our shop open day and night.

Apart from this, friends if you live in any colony. And want to start Kirana’s store business in his own territory. So you can open a shop on the bottom floor of your house.

Because there all the people of your colony will come to you to get the goods, but you may have to face a lot of problems there. Meaning the people of your colony will ask for loan items. Later, if he will give you money or never give it to you, then you may have a loss.

So you have to take great care of this thing. If you open a grocery store in a market, then you will get more profit there. Because more people keep coming and going in the market. And all kinds of people keep coming and going. So no customer will ask you for a loan in the market and you will get more benefits there.

Friends, in the grocery store, you have to talk to all your customers very lovingly. You will also have to lend a little. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to run this shop. Guys this is what happens at the grocery store. There is also a lot of loss. We also have to lend.

And a lot of people don’t give back the money they borrowed. Due to which we have to suffer a lot. So you have to take care of this thing. It is not that easy to run a grocery store business. This is a very messy business.

Kirana store
how to start a Kirana store in 50,000 with easy way 6
  • 5 important things that you should follow in the grocery store.
  • Number 1 Don’t lend your stuff.
  • Number 2 You have to talk to your customer with love. Because sometimes due to overcrowding, the mind of the shopkeeper gets spoiled.
  • Number 3 You have to fill a lot of stuff in your shop. So that people feel that everything is available at this shop.
  • Number 4 You will also have to take care of cleanliness in your shop. Because there are food items.
  • Number 5 You have to open your shop early in the morning. And will have to be opened till late at night. Only then you will be able to earn good money.
Kirana store
how to start a Kirana store in 50,000 with easy way 7

Is grocery store a profitable business?

It depends on how big you make your grocery store. Grocery store can become a profitable business. Like we open a grocery store in our colony. So there comes the limited number of customers. So income is earned accordingly.

If you give many offers at your grocery store and give goods on credit then your business will earn you more profit. And you keep a helper at the shop who will manage your shop. Apart from this, you open another shop. Put a helper there too. Then your profit will start increasing.

Similarly, you open four or five more shops and keep the helpers there too. So from there your profit will start getting multiple. So in this way you can increase your business and earn more profit.

Otherwise you can also open a minimart. You can open a very big minimart. There you can keep all the products related to the grocery store. And you can get good offers there. So there you will get more profit.

That is to say, a grocery store can become a very profitable business. If you want to make it, but for this you have to put a lot of efforts. A lot of hard work will have to be done. So in a few years, this business will start giving you a lot of profit.

grocery store business profit?

As I told you can start this business by investing ₹ 50,000 and by investing ₹ 50,000, you can earn from 15 to ₹ 18,000 in a month.

If you invest ₹ 1,00,000 lakh? you then? You can double your profit. Now it depends on which product you keep in your shop. Because different products have different profit margins.

For example, ₹ 1 is saved in a product. Two rupees are saved in a product. ₹ 10 is saved in a product, then ₹ 50 is also saved in some product. So it depends on which product you are selling and how many times that product is being sold.

For this you have to do all the calculations. You have to calculate for the whole month. How much money you invested and how much you earned and how much you have saved. So you have to see all these things by yourself.

Because there is no fixed profit in it. And the biggest reason for that is multiple products. No fix because there are too many products! There was no profit. Profit keeps going up and down. That’s why you have to calculate it yourself.

grocery store monthly income

If you sell goods worth ₹50,000, then you can make a profit of ₹2,000 in it.

But it depends product to product.

If you sell goods worth ₹ 1,00,000 then you can make profit of ₹ 5,000. If you sell goods for ₹ 5,00,000 then you can make a profit of ₹ 20,000 or ₹ 25,000.

If you sell goods worth ₹ 10,00,000 within 1 month then you can earn ₹ 1,00,000. Meaning you can earn a profit of ₹ 1,00,000.

grocery store business plan

If you have your own shop. So you are going to benefit a lot. Its business plan is something like this. That first you have to talk to a wholesaler and tell him that I have opened my grocery store. So for that I have to buy stuff from you. So he himself will guide you that what items you have to keep in your shop?

So you buy goods worth ₹50,000 on the first day! According to the budget you have, if you want to buy goods worth ₹ 1,00,000, then you can buy goods worth ₹ 25,000. He himself will tell you what you should sell in his shop. But friends, once you should survey your area and market.

Because in the area or market where you will open your shop, then you have to find out whether most of the rich people live there or poor people live there. What kind of products do those people need? So you have to do all this survey. Accordingly, you will keep the product in your shop. Otherwise, you may also suffer a huge loss in this. Because many products are not sold and they expire. So this is how we lose.

So what if you keep all these things in mind? Then you can plan your business very well. Because most of the people start business without planning, then later they also incur a lot of loss. But you have to take care of all these things. Only then your Kirana store will be able to run well.

grocery store business investment

There is no limit. Will you earn as much money as you invest?

I started with ₹50,000. Many people start with ₹1,00,000. Many people even start with ₹5,00,000. So it depends in which area you open your shop, if you open a shop in a small fat colony then you can start with ₹ 50,000. If you open a shop in any market, then you will have to fill the goods of at least ₹ 5,00,000 in your shop.

It depends. Area to Area Market to Market! And you also have to see that where you are opening a shop, rich people live there or poor people, if poor people live more then you can start your business with less investment. If rich people live more then you can start your business with more investment. So it depends.

grocery store near me

Friends, as we search on Google, show us the results of the grocery stores around us. So for this we have to write this. Which helps us a lot in finding a good grocery store. And by this we also get to know which store is getting more offers. Meaning Google shows you a complete result of this. That’s why we should always use this keyword for a good grocery store

village Kirana store

Should we open a grocery store in the village? You can open it. Because from there you can earn a lot of money. But as I said, it depends on how people live there. Anyway, there is no shortage of food and drink in the village, so you cannot expect much from the village for this business.

grocery store general store items list

  • 1 lentil
  • 2 rice
  • 3 sugar
  • 4 tea leaves
  • 5 mustard oil
  • 6 soybean oil
  • 7 flour
  • 8 wheat
  • 9 millet
  • 10 corn
  • 11 black gram
  • 12 white chickpeas
  • 13 beans
  • 14 basmati rice
  • 15 brooms
  • 16 spices
  • 17 Body Products
  • 18 bath soap
  • 19 laundry detergent
  • 20 worship items

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FAQs for grocery store

Q. How does a grocery store business work?

Ans: In this business, the customer asks you for any food or drink. So you give him that stuff. In return, he gives you money for that stuff. We call this retailing. Meaning you will be called a retailer shopkeeper

Q. How do I start a grocery store business?

Ans: To start this business you should have at least 50,000 rupees. And you should have your own shop. Otherwise, you can do this business even by taking on rent, then your investment of 60,000 rupees will be taken. After this you will earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month.

Q. State two reasons why you should invest in a grocery store Business.

Ans: First of all, this business will never let you die of hunger. Second reason you will not have to bring food and drink for your home from outside

Q. What is the biggest disadvantage of opening a grocery store?

Ans: The biggest disadvantage in this business is that you cannot take leave. If you take a holiday, your customers will move to another store. Apart from this, you have to get up early in the morning. and have to sleep late at night

Q. Do I need a license to open a grocery store?

Ans: No license is required to start this business. If you are opening a mini mart store then you will definitely need a license.

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