how to start a small clothing business from home in 5,000

If you want to start a clothing business from your home, then you are on the right article. Because friends, here I am going to give you complete information. How can you start a clothing business from your home?

You can start a small business of selling clothes from your home by spending just ₹ 5000. Friends, I also started this business. That’s why I know everything about it. Which I am going to tell you in detail now. So read this article carefully. You will get to know a lot.

Friends, first of all, I will talk as if you must have seen at some point of time that you must have seen many women selling clothes in your colony. She goes door to door selling clothes and doing business. This still happens today. Many young boys go door to door selling jeans. Ladies sell sarees, sell suits.

They bring a couple of bags full and in it their goods of clothes. Then he goes home and sells them. Females also do the same. But young boys do more of this work.

When I started this job. So I started this work in just ₹2000. Friends, you can sell anything in the clothing business. You can sell jeans. You can sell T-shirts. You can sell trousers. Meaning that according to the season, you will sell clothes.

If it is the summer season. So you will sell T-shirts, you will sell shirts, you will sell jeans. And the jeans are sold for 12 months. So you can sell jeans anytime.

Now that the winter season is going on, you can sell jackets, you can sell hoodies. You can also sell warm clothes, meaning you can sell anything.

For example winter season is going on now. If you want to sell jackets then you go to any market. First of all, you have to see the market where clothes are available at wholesale rates.

Suppose if you get a jacket for ₹ 500 in the wholesale rate. So you can earn a profit of ₹ 300 by selling that jacket for ₹ 800. Or you can earn a profit of ₹ 500 by selling it for thousand rupees.

You can earn a profit of ₹ 700 by selling ₹ 500 jackets for ₹ 1200.

Friends, the more goods you buy, the cheaper the goods will be. And the less you buy, the more expensive it will be. Because you will also get the jacket at the wholesale rate of ₹ 500. It will also be available for ₹ 700. And it will also be available for ₹ 800.

So you have to earn a profit margin of ₹ 500 on one jacket. If you buy a jacket for ₹ 500 at the wholesale rate. So try to sell it for at least for thousand rupees.

clothing business
how to start a small clothing business from home in 5,000 5

You tell its rate in advance of ₹ 1500. Then you sell it for thousand rupees with a discount. Accordingly, you will earn ₹ 500. If you sell 2 jackets in 1 day, then you will get a profit of one thousand rupees.

Because friends, I must have earned one thousand rupees every day. If you can’t earn 1000 rupees a day, then there is no use. Meaning if you make a profit of thousand of rupees in the beginning, then it is a very good thing.

One day it will also come that you will make a profit of ₹ 2000 by selling 4 jackets. And one day it will also come that you will make a profit of ₹ 3000 by selling 6 jackets. Meaning if you earn so much profit, then according to this, in 1 day you will also earn a profit of ₹ 1,00,000 every month.

You just have to keep working hard on it. Because friends, this is a hard-working business. It requires walking in the street. You have to move around in different colonies. You have to go to the market too.

And at the same time, you are also in the market. You can set up a small clothes stall outside any shop. You can do clothes business there too. You pay a small commission to that shopkeeper. You have to talk to him and he will agree. Because he also has to earn money. So you will be able to set up a clothes stall outside any clothes shop.

As I told about momos business in one of my articles. That you have to talk to the owner of a shop selling food items to set up a momos stall.

Meaning if you set up any food stall, then you will set up that stall outside any food-related shop.

So in the same way, if you do a clothes business and sell your clothes by setting up a stall, then you will have to talk to a shopkeeper selling clothes for that. Who sells all kinds of clothes.

clothing business
how to start a small clothing business from home in 5,000 6

If you set up a stall like this, then you will have to talk to him about that. So this is another way I am telling you. I have already told you the first way. That you go street-by-lane, go to the colonies, roam in the market, go there and talk to you people. Show them your clothes.

In wintertime sell jackets sell trousers sell warm clothes and in summer you sell jeans t-shirts sell shirts.

You can also sell female clothes. Just like you can sell sarees, you can sell suits. You can sell lehenga, you can sell anything. For people who need it and who do not want to go to the market, if you sell directly to those people, then those people will buy more.

Meaning there you will have more chances to sell clothes. So, friends, you have to see such a market, you have to see such a colony, you have to go to such houses where people have to buy clothes.

Now if you sell jeans to the one who wants to buy jeans, then he will buy jeans from you. If you show him good jeans and show them at a cheap rate, then he will definitely buy them.

If you sell jackets, then you have to find a profit margin of 500 in it. And if you sell jeans then you will get good jeans for ₹ 500. And you can get a profit margin of ₹ 500 by selling the same jeans for 1 thousand rupees.

Apart from this, T-shirts also come at different rates. If you bring a T-shirt worth Rs 100, then you can sell it for ₹ 200 to ₹ 250 and get a profit margin of ₹ 100 to ₹ 150.

So you have to plan accordingly. Meaning you should know for yourself in which clothes I have to calculate the profit margin. It will not mean that if you bring ₹ 100 cloth and try to sell it for ₹ 500, then it will not sell.

Because friends, the quality of clothes is also seen. So everything depends on this also.

If you bring a T-shirt worth ₹ 250, then you can sell it for ₹ 500 and get a profit margin of ₹ 250.

clothing business
how to start a small clothing business from home in 5,000 7

If you sell clothes in the market then you will get more profit there. If you sell clothes door to door, then you will have a little less profit margin there.

Because friends, if you are going directly to the house of people, then those people would like to give you very little money. And if you are still making a profit then you sell them and get your profit margin. And if there is no profit then try going to another house. So this is how you have to do your business.

Apart from this, if you bring a shirt of ₹ 250 at the wholesale rate, then you will have to sell it for ₹ 500 or ₹ 600 and take out a profit margin of ₹ 250 to ₹ 300 in it. So in this way you have to pay attention to how to sell clothes.

Friends, when I started the business, I sold t-shirts at that time. I sold a T-shirt for ₹100 for ₹200. And jeans worth ₹ 300 were sold for ₹ 800. So I have done this too.

I used to buy bundles of bundles and bring them. Because I used to get them at very cheap rates. And I used to take out offers. You can also earn more money by selling in bulk.

You can take out an offer that you can take both a T-shirt and jeans together for ₹ 1200, then accordingly you can make a bundle and take out the offer.

Because in this way you will get more profit margin. When you offer a discount to your customer, he will be more interested.

So friends, first you bring goods worth ₹ 5000. You take anything for ₹5000. This means take jeans and take a t-shirt and you can also take a shirt. Apart from this, take a saree, and a suit, and take anything. Then sell it door to door.

But keep one thing in mind. Do a little survey first. So in which colony the goods you have can be sold. In which market can it be sold? If you have selected any such market.

Where people do not need to shop. So there you will not get any benefit. You will be disturbed walking around. If you get tired, you will get demotivated, so that’s why you have to do the survey first.

You also have to do the survey while selling clothes. Meaning when you go from house to house and talk. So your survey will also be done simultaneously. Take the contact number of all your customers and also take their addresses.

And call them and tell them that I have taken out this offer. You can also send pictures to them through WhatsApp. Tell them the rate of your clothes. In this way you offer them.

If someone orders you. Like the order of jeans, order of T-shirt, order of shirt or order of jacket or order of saree or order of suit. So you can even get them delivered home for free.

You can also take online payments. Like from Paytm to Google Pay or any other way. So you can do this work in any way. Friends, everything is small at first. Every work takes hard work. But the same task becomes easier on day 1 gradually.

So, friends, you have to do the same. Initially, you will have to work very hard for the next 3 months. If you work hard, you will get used to working hard.

Your customer base will be ready. You will become many customers. Then you won’t have to work too hard. Then you sell a saree to the same customer, sell a T-shirt, sell a suit.

Sell ​​kurtas Sell Kurtis Sell shirts Sell jackets Sell trousers Sell warm clothes All kinds of clothes You can sell to your customers. So, friends, this is how a business starts.

One day will also come when you will earn ₹ 5,00,000 a month from this business. You will also earn 10,00,000 a month. Then you won’t have to work so hard. Then you will get online orders.

Then you will get all those orders delivered. You will have to hire a delivery boy for delivery. For this you have to give home delivery, you have to give prepaid delivery.

In this way friends, one day gradually this work will become very big.

Because friends, gradually your experience will increase. Your passion will increase. Your motivation will increase. You will get used to working. You will get used to working hard.

You will get market experience. You will get experience in every work.

Apart from this, you will provide that product to the one who needs the product. Then you will start making more profit sooner or later. So this is how it works. First, along with a little work, do a survey and take everyone’s contact numbers.

Add everyone on WhatsApp, put a status on WhatsApp, and show a different variety of clothes to all your customers through status, show jeans, show t-shirt, show jacket, show shirt, show kurta, and show trousers.

Meaning, show all kinds of clothes, if there is a female, then show her the suit, show the lehenga, show the one piece, show the sari.

You just have to do proper planning for it. If you plan well then you will be successful in this business. Start small Start from your home.

Seeing this business 1 day will become very big. And with this then you add shoes to it as well. You sell shoes, sell sandals. So from there, you will start making more profit.

Because friends, people who shop for clothes, they also shop for shoes. So in the same way you also have to start this business.

So, friends, I hope you have understood everything. If you don’t understand something, you can ask me by commenting. I will definitely give you the answer.

5 rules you should follow in the clothing business.

  • You should talk to your customer with love. Because the customer is the form of God.
  • You have to sell clothes at a cheap rate. And have to sell clothes of good quality.
  • You will also have to make some bundle offers. Like jeans free with jeans or a shirt free with a shirt.
  • You have to apply aromatic scents on all your clothes. Due to this good feeling comes to the customer. And his chances of shopping increase.
  • If you do home delivery, then you will have to get free home delivery and 24 hours delivery will have to be done. So that the customer is happy.

how to start a small clothing business online?

If you want to start a clothing business online. So for this, either you get your own e-commerce website built. And list all the variety of clothes there.

After that you get your website marketed. People will order online then you get them delivered. The first was this way.

There is another way. You register as a seller on Amazon or Flipkart or by visiting Myntra’s website, you will get a lot of orders from there too. In return, you have to pay them some commission.

But I would suggest that you make your own e-commerce website and promote it, you will get more benefits from there. You just have to work a little harder.

how to start a clothing business with no money

If you want to do a clothing business without investing money. So you can earn a lot of money by going to Meesho’s e-commerce website and registering as an affiliate and selling all their clothes online anywhere. You can promote their products through WhatsApp. You can also promote it on Facebook.

Can we sell old clothes on Meesho?

No, we cannot sell used clothes on Meesho App. Because only new clothes are sold there. Because the Meesho app is an e-commerce website and app like Flipkart or amazon or myntra. And never sell old stuff on the e-commerce website or on the app.

Old things or used clothes are sold only on the classifieds website. Like OLX or Quikr, you can sell old clothes on all these websites.

how to sell old clothes

If you want to sell old clothes, then for this I tell you the names of some websites and some apps where you can sell old clothes.

  • No. 1 App ( Poshmark ) Here you will have to upload photos of your clothes. And on this app, you can put any rate of your clothes. The company will take a 20% commission after the cloth is sold.
  • Number 2 ( Depop ) You will have to upload some of your photos on this website too. And after the clothes are sold, the company will take a 10% commission from you.
  • Number 3 ( eBay ) Friends, everyone knows this website. This website also has the same process. And this website will take 8 to 12% commission after the clothes are sold.

how to sell old clothes in delhi

Friends, if you want to sell old clothes in Delhi. So for this you can sell all your old clothes in Sadar Bazar of Delhi. Because there comes all kinds of people, rich and poor. And all kinds of clothes are found there.

So that’s why you can earn a lot of money by selling your old clothes in Sadar Bazar of Delhi. Apart from this, you can also bring cheap clothes at wholesale rates and sell them there.

sell old clothes by weight

If you want to sell clothes by weight, you can sell them. For this, you have to buy torn old clothes in bulk and sell them in Chor Bazaar market. You will find Chor Bazaar Market in every city.

Friends, you have to collect torn old clothes from people’s houses and in return, you will have to give them utensils. As it happens in India, you will also know that this happens even today.

Apart from this, in whichever city you live in, you have to know where the Chor Bazar market is located. Then you can do this.

type of jeans for men

you can sell these types of jeans in the market


type of shirts for man

you can sell these types of shirts in the market


types of t-shirts for guys

you can sell these types of T-shirts in the market

  • Adidas
  • Aéropostale
  • Ajio
  • Allen Solly
  • Arrow
  • Being Human
  • Blackberrys
  • Breakbounce
  • Celio
  • Crimsoune Club
  • Diesel

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Q. license required for small clothing business

Ans: You do not need any kind of license to start a clothing business on a small scale.

Q. how to start a clothing line with no experience

Ans: First of all, you should start this business on a small scale from your home. After that, only after having full experience, start this business on a large scale.

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