Best Keyword Finder Tools Ahrefs Semrush Google Keyword Planner

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) You will find many keyword generator tools on the internet. But today in this article I will tell you about Ahrefs, semrush, and Google Keyword Planner Tool. And at the same time I will also tell why we should use all these keyword generator tools.

And at the same time I will also tell whether we need all these keyword research tools to rank the website or not.

Along with this, I will also tell you what is Ahrefs, semrush, and Google Keyword Planner Tool. And how all these tools work.

Should we use free keyword generator tool or should we use paid keyword generator tool? And why should we use all these keyword research tools.

So how can we find the Best Keyword Finder Tools for ourselves? Let’s talk.

Why does Ahrefs Semrush Google Keyword Planner show different results?

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) Have you ever wondered why Ahrefs, Semrush and Google Keyword Planner all these three tools show different results. Whenever we search by going to Ahrefs, the keyword difficulty or search volume there shows differently.

Even when we search on Semrush, there also the keyword difficulty and search volume result shows differently. And when we search by going to Google Keyword Planner, it shows different results there too.

So friends, why does this happen, it happens because all these three tools work in their own way. Means what is the difficulty of keywords present in Google search engine. Or what is the search volume of the keyword, then all this tells us the according results of all these tools.

Even if you work using any one of these three tools, you will still get the benefit. If you work using all three tools, then you will get confused and then you will not be able to work.

So, out of these three tools, whichever tool you like, then work using it. Sometimes we also have to use Google Keyword Planner. So sometimes Ahrefs also have to be used. So sometimes Semrush has to be used as well. But you can use any tool of your choice.

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Do we need keyword research tool to rank website?

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) Many people think that whether we need a keyword research tool to rank the website or not.

So friends, let me tell you that it is not necessary at all. Even if you work without keyword research tool to rank the website, you can still get your website ranked. Because to rank the website, we have to write unique content. And we have to give complete information.

If you write unique and fresh content, that means content that is not available on the search engine, then that content will rank first. For this you will not need any keyword research tool.

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what is ahrefs keyword generator tool

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) Many people ask what is ahrefs keyword generator tool. So friends let me tell you inside ahrefs keyword generator tool we search the keyword and extract its search volume. And find out its keyword difficulty.

And accordingly we try to rank our keywords. The keyword whose difficulty is very low and the search volume is very high. We rank our blog or website using that keyword.

So this tool is very useful, so you can use this keyword tool.

what is semrush keyword generator tool

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) Many people ask what is semrush keyword generator tool?

So let me tell you that semrush keyword generator tool is similar to Ahrefs keyword generator tool. This tool also works like other paid tools.

Inside this tool too, by entering any one keyword, you can extract its true volume and also extract its keyword difficulty. And according to that you can also rank your blog or website.

But this tool is a bit expensive as compared to Ahrefs generator tool. So you can buy it according to your budget.

ahrefs free keyword generator tool

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) Friends Ahrefs company has also offered free keyword generator tool on its behalf. So if you cannot subscribe to Ahrefs Keyword Tool. If you find Ahrefs keyword subscription expensive, then you can also use Ahrefs’ free keyword generator tool.

Also offered is the free Keyword Difficulty Generator tool. So you can use that too. Ahrefs company has offered many free tools. And you can work using all these tools.

Because the plan of Ahrefs is very expensive. So if you cannot afford this tool, then you can use the free one and run your work.

semrush free keyword generator tool

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) Friends, you will get free keyword generator tool from Semrush. Because Semrush’s paid keyword generator tool comes very expensive. So many people cannot afford. So that’s why you can use its free keyword generator tool.

But this free tool also has its limits. You can find keywords only 10 times in a day. So this is the condition of this tool. After finding 10 keywords, you will have to buy its plan.

Its plan will be completely free for 7 days. After 7 days you will have to take its subscription.

Friends, this tool is a very good tool. You can rank your website using this. I personally use this tool.

free google keyword planner tool

(Best Keyword Finder Tools) Friends, if you cannot buy a paid keyword research tool, then you can use Google’s free keyword planner tool. Google’s keyword planner tool is absolutely free from Google.

Just for that you have to create your account in Google Adwords. And after creating an account, at the top you will get Google’s keyword planner tool. From there you can use its keyword tool. And you can rank your website.

But in this you will see only limited results. But the results which you see in semrush or in Ahrefs, you do not see all the complete results in Google Keyword Planner Tool. Because it is a free tool.

So Google has not fully optimized this keyword planner tool. Google keywords have not optimized themselves as much as Ahrefs and semrush have done. So here you will see limited results only.

But here you will know the difficulty of the keyword, its search volume will also be known and you will also know two or three things. CPC will also be known, so overall this keyword tool is also good, so you can use it too.


Q. what is google keyword planner tool

Ans: Google Keyword Planner Tool is a free tool that you can use to find good keywords.

Q. best keyword finder tools

Ans: Although you will find many best keyword finder tools but I will suggest you 3 tools Semrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner

Q. which one is best keyword research tool

Ans: If you do not have the money to buy the best keyword finder tools, then you can use ahrefs free keyword generator tool.

Q. Why should we use keyword research tool for SEO?

Ans: We should use keyword research tool so that we can rank our website quickly.

Q. Which keyword research tool to use, free or paid

Ans: If you are new to your work, then you should use the free keyword research tool of ahrefs. Else You Can Use Paid Tool Also

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